Newly built Craig Keilburger Secondary School in Milton opened its doors on September 2012.  The new school has rows of bike racks that fill up daily- if you build it, they will ride! A lack of bike racks and safe places to lock your bike are often reasons someone doesn't ride to school or work.

Make it easy with the following tips:
- install bike racks (contact your local municipality or a rack manufacturer to see if they offer donations/ discounts for schools)
- place racks in a visible area that will deter theft. Outside a classroom/the main office is a good idea.
- Think about how students will access the bike racks and make sure the there aren't potential conflicts with vehicles or pedestrians
- promote the installation of racks to students via announcements and posters (if no one knows they are there, how can they use them)
-offer incentives for students who use them

Mr. Sheppard, a teacher at Craig Keilburger keeps a daily tally of the number of bikes showing up each day and says they average around 30. Is your high school doing great things to encourage cycling? Let us know.