Youth from across the province recently gathered in Toronto for Ontario's first Youth Bike Summit. The event, hosted by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition, was an opportunity for high school students to learn from cycling experts, discuss effective advocacy strategies and have fun together on bikes! To conclude the two day summit, youth leaders presented their vision for a bicycle-friendly Ontario to MPPs at Queen's Park, including;
  • Implementation of #CycleON, Ontario's first Cycling Strategy update in 21 years;
  • A provincial strategy for Active School Travel that would require each school to file a School Travel Plan that provides students with a variety of options for the trip to school;
  • More cycling routes to take people places they want to go;
  • Investments in cycling education programs across the province that empower cyclists, enhance their confidence and encourage them to ride more often, and;
  • Stronger laws to protect cyclists, such as a one metre passing law and legislation to toughen penalties for issues such as "dooring".
When we ride to school, to visit friends, to spend time with our families, we are engaging in an activity that is great for our health, has zero emissions and is low cost. The cost of doing nothing by comparison is significant.
- Justice Betty and Akehil Johnson, Co-Chairs, Youth Advisory Committee
Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the summit!

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