PictureBikes at school on September 25, 2013
As part of the Youth Bike Summit's "Youth in Action" Panel, representatives from Craig Kielburger Secondary School (CKSS) presented their innovative "valet bike parking" system. Bike parking spaces at the school are numbered and assigned to students who cycle to school. The bike valet provides cyclists with a convenient and consistent place to park their bike, while also promoting cycling as a viable means of transportation for the trip to school.

With bike valet, grade nine students arriving at our school for the first time have a space of their own. It's very welcoming. - Geoff Sheppard, teacher
CKSS students have also been challenged to bike to school at least 25 times during the school year. To track cycling habits, each student is given a bike tag to place on their bikes. The bike tag allows students in the life skills class to easily track who has biked to school each day, minimizing the amount of staff time usually required for challenges like this one. Great idea!

And it doesn't stop there! On September 25th, students and teachers organized Bike Day 200. The goal of the day was to have more than 200 students bike to school and set an Ontario High School record for cycling. Students who biked to school were welcomed by community supporters, including Share the Road Cycling CoalitionMill Town CycleSpokes and Slopes and the Town of Milton. Cyclists were invited to stay outside past the morning bell and enjoy snacks in the yard, while their peers started class. It was a small gesture that meant a lot to participating students.

158 students biked to school that day, a huge accomplishment! CKSS is keen to break 200 cyclists in the Spring. We're cheering for you.
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at my Country students first choice are used bike :)


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